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Rules and regulations 

These regulations specify the rules for making purchases online store provided at www.partnerbiz.pl
The seller is Partner Sp. Public, J.Stopczyński, U.Stopczyńska, 05-101 God's Will,
ul. Świerkowa 9, Store: 01-991 Warszawa, ul. Colombian 10 NIP 531-11-08-481 registered in the District Court for the Capital City Warsaw, Commercial Court XXI division of the National Court Register under number KRS 0000079594
1. Shop PARTNERBIZ.PL called later in the Rules Shop sells goods via the Internet. Subject to the submission and confirmation of the order by the Buyer in the online store is read the Terms and Conditions and accept its provisions before the conclusion of the sale and purchase agreement and consent to the processing of personal data by the Seller consumer for the purpose of performance of the contract. Personal data shall not be disclosed to third parties for marketing purposes. The order is a contract of purchase - sale within the meaning of the Civil Code.
2. Orders can be placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year (Shop admits the existence of downtime, excluding Shop adoption and implementation of the Consumer orders). Consumer Order processing occurs on weekdays (excluding days for closed stores Store) normally within 24 hours after order confirmation by the Consumer or upon completion by the store all ordered by Consumer products and / or posted by the store full payment for the order.
3. Consumers Shop may be persons who are at least 13 years old. (KC Art. 11-24) If this condition is not complied with the contract is not binding.
4. By placing an order to be understood by the Consumer add to Cart View all products offered by filling in "Order Form" as described above mentioned / in the form. Submitting an order by the Consumer through contact with Shop with your e-mail address.
5. Soon after the consumer receives an order via e-mail notifications of acceptance of an order (a summary of selected products, delivery address, the value of the contract, payment method, shipping method). In the absence of receipt of such information, the consumer should contact the Shop by phone or email. PARTNERBIZ.PL reserves the right to call or the content of e-mail correspondence confirmation of the order, the verification may result in cancellation of negative order by the store.
6. Shop Consumer asks for administration during the ordering process and the communication with the correct Store contact information - especially your name, full address of the e-mail address and phone number. Improperly completed registration forms may hinder or prevent the execution of the contract.
7. We reserve the right to verify your order in case of justifying doubts about the possibility of the contract and its cancellation in the event of non-payment for the order.
8. Payments for ordered products can be made on delivery, cash on hand, bank transfer PARTNERBIZ.PL.
9. Acceptance of an order begins with:
1. In the case of payment on delivery - after placing the order,
2. In the case of payment by bank transfer - after posting prepaid account Store,

10. In the event that within 14 days from the date of the order is not settled payment reserve the right to automatically cancel the order.
11. In case of unavailability of products in order consumer is informed by the store on the status of your order. The consumer can then decide how to proceed (partial realization, waiting time, canceling the whole order). If no response within 3 days from the Consumer Store reserves the right to send the available positions in the order or cancel the order.
12. At the time, after which the ordered products reach the consumer consists of the time to bring the goods and the time it takes the Polish Post / courier to deliver the parcel to the address indicated by the consumer, which are included here only on working days.
1. The term of delivery = time to bring the goods + delivery time
2. shipping on orders consumer shall be informed of this fact in an e-mail.
13. All products offered in the store PARTNERBIZ.PL are brand new, free from physical and legal defects, and have been legally marketed in the Polish market.
14. The sales promotions and sales is intended for a limited number of goods normally. Execution of orders is the order in which confirmed orders. If you run out of stocks covered by this form of selling Shop reserves the right to correct and send half of the contract or cancel the order.
15. All prices shown on the website store are given in Polish zloty and represent the gross value (including VAT). These prices do not include shipping costs flat.
16. For each order is issued a detailed statement of the contents of the consignment, together with a list of costs and included in the shipment of goods ordered by the consumer. The consumer has the right to choose to have the shipment could not be annexed to a detailed statement of the contents of that shipment. VAT invoice is issued under the individual request of the Consumer.
17. A consumer may cancel an order by phone or e-mail at zamowienia@partnerbiz.pl until the transfer of that contract by the store in the state of packaging.
18. In the case of contracts consisting of several goods to be delivered in a single consignment, completion date will depend on the date of completion by the store last element of a contract, unless the store and consumer jointly decide otherwise.
19. Delivery of orders is done by shipping the ordered goods at the address indicated by the consumer through the services available Towing (carrier), eg. The Polish Post / courier. Of the item will be added shipping cost according to the table shipping costs. According to the wording of the law "Civil Code" in the event of sending the goods sold through consumer carrier is obliged to check the status of the package at the reception. In case of loss or damage to goods shall be obliged to make all actions necessary to establish the liability of the carrier informing the fact Shop: write down the minutes determining the condition of the consignment and the circumstances of the loss and signing at the same time by the carrier and the consignee of the consignment. The test method shipment is regulated in the Law Transport Law (Art. 74 and following). Legislature provided that the consignment by the recipient (Consumer Affairs) will invalidate unqualified claims loss or damage due to shipment.
20. A consumer who has entered into an agreement for the distance has the right to withdraw from it within 20 calendar days without giving any reasons for the Store making a statement in writing. Dwudziestodniowy term in which the consumer may cancel the contract shall be calculated from the date on which the delivery of the goods. To comply with this deadline, you must send a statement before its expiry.
21. In the event of withdrawal, the contract is considered null and void. Shop Buyer returns all payments received from the Buyer, including the cost of delivery of the goods (with the exception of the additional costs resulting from the Buyer of delivery other than the least expensive, the usual way offered by the shop) promptly and in any event no later than 14 days from the date on the store was informed of the right to withdraw from the contract by the Buyer. Refund is possible only if the goods are no signs of use, is complete and has not been damaged in any way. Along with the merchandise sent back consumer is obliged to return any products that are received free of charge. Joining the sales package will be appreciated. Return of goods must be made immediately, but not later than within twenty calendar days. The costs of returning the goods shall be borne by the consumer.
22. The shop is liable under the warranty, when he sold the item is vitiated (defect - reducing the value of things, the usefulness of things when the item does not have jurisdiction, which was written in the service shop PARTNERBIZ.PL, when the item has been issued in the state of incomplete , incomplete), and at the time of conclusion of the contract the consumer did not know. Condition of entitlement to the complaint is a written notice of the defect within one month from the date of its finding. With warranty consumer is entitled to withdraw from the contract price reduction, replacement of defective goods to another, without any defects, defect removal. The complaint will be dealt with by the store within 14 days from the date of receipt of your product with the required documents. In the event of the need for expert opinion time of inquiry may be extended to 21 calendar days.
23. Shop PARTNERBIZ.PL strives to present the website product descriptions are accurate. However, if you have any doubts before placing your order, please contact us by phone or by e-mail at zamowienia@partnerbiz.pl
24. Shop is committed to the protection of personal data in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997. on the protection of personal data (OJ 1997 No. 133, item. 883). Under this Act, the store Consumers have the right to inspect their data, to correct them, bringing demand their removal, or discontinue their use.
25. The cost of items in the case of replacement resulting from the incorrect execution of the contract by PARTNERBIZ.PL cover shop in the limit of the amount stated below. PARTNERBIZ.PL shipping costs to cover consumer. In the case of consumer confusion Shop reimburse the cost of shipping to the store in the amount resulting from the amount on the bill of lading and exceeding 15,50 zł (fifteen dollars and pięćdzisiąt groczy). Shop simultaneously informs that does not accept any items returned to the store for downloading.
26. In the case of orders paid when the shop is not able to process your order in full, shop Consumer informs about this fact. In case of cancellation of the missing item or the entire order store returns prepayment given by the Consumer to the bank account or card (in the case of contracts paid card) within 3 working days from the date of cancellation of the contract or its correction.
27. The information contained in the store does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Art. 66 of the Civil Code; constitute an invitation to contract within the meaning of Art. 71 of the Civil Code.
28. These Terms and Conditions shall apply from the date of 12.25.2015

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