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50320 corset - Plie

50320 corset  - Plie

Something completely new! Corset modeling proposed by the brand is a perfect combination plie wszytskiech corsets advantages: flexible underwire provide maximum slimming waist and elastane and polyamide fibers, which are made corset, provide comfort and high wearing comfort and breathability! Corset not only enforces correct posture, but also provides support for the lumbar spine. Fastened by 3 rows from the front, so you can easily fasten yourself. Corset silhouette slims and lifts the bust, reduces the circuit as much as 5 cm! Ideal solution for women after childbirth and surgery in the abdomen. Available in flesh-colour and black.



XS: size 32-34, height 25.5 cm

S: size 34-36, height 26 cm

M: size 38-40, height 28 cm

L: size 40-42, height 28.5 cm

XL: size 42-44, height 30 cm


Cena brutto: 37.95EUR

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