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"Stefania maxi" Art.410 semi-soft bra - Gaia

\"Stefania maxi\" Art.410 semi-soft bra - Gaia

This half-padded bra is made with lovely embroidery of floral motifs. Sides produced from elastic fabric, very resistant to stretching. The lower and lateral parts of the cup are special stiffening foam, which is coated on the side of the body 100% cotton. The new design gives the breasts a natural, rounded shape, while providing the perfect sustain. Hooks are three row and have a three-stage adjustment. Wide straps are decorated with nieodpinane when connecting with a bowl of tiny bows. Particularly noteworthy is the new technology of sewing side baleen (in all sizes). To meet the expectations of customers who feel uncomfortable with the ramming into the body of baleen used the new technology of sewing. It consists in that instead of a single element there are two cooperating with each other. Underwire ends are sewn in elastic tape and overlap inside the tunnel. They are also made of a thinner and more flexible material which allows a perfect cooperation with the wearer of the bra - the movement of each underwire move according to the movement of the body overlap with one another).

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"Stefania maxi" Art.410 semi-soft bra - Gaia
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